Munyarari Primary School

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At Munyarari primary school we have got 57 students as at 2015. The other 18 have gone to Secondary school. These children are being supported by ACF.


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Dear Friends

The coming of Mwana Trust to Munyarari was a blessing from the Lord Almighty. We had children who did not have uniforms, school fees, enough food and stationery. Mwana brought it all. As that was not enough they bought us a computer and renovated the counsellor’s office.

It all started with Mrs. Zimunya being chosen to be a board member of Mwana Trust. As the Board was selecting schools to assist, Mrs. Zimunya asked them to include Munyarari, which they did.

When they came to Munyarari primary, we selected 50 orphans and vulnerable children. These children had their fees paid uniforms bought and stationary supplied. When Mwana learned that some children didn’t have enough food they bought food packs for them. Children were very happy as they carried their 10kg of roller meal packs home.

Mwana Trust discovered we had a part time counsellor Monica Zimunya. They assisted the school by renovating an office for her. Now she can assist the children as well as teachers in a private room.

A nice computer to capture school data was bought. Munyarari staff, children and the community at large was overwhelmed by the gift. Although we do not have a printer at the moment we are already storing information in it. Thanks to Mwana Trust.

Munyarari teachers and the community at large are so happy that we have some assistance in our battle to educate Zimbabweans.

Thank you Mwana, please go on doing a wonderful job.

Willard Mungomezi