About Our Charity

Who We Are

Mwana Trust is a charity that provide education assistance and deals with provision of  health care, protection, child abuse of orphans, underprivileged and Vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.



Empowering children with knowledge to enable them contribute positively towards our national development and also to provide vocational training to those children who cannot excel in academic field.


To provide quality Education, care,  basic shelter to Orphans and Vulnerable Children, as a means to counteract pervasive hunger, poverty, AIDS pandemic and systemic resource deprivation.


The aims and objects of our Trust are generally:

  • To assist underprivileged young people in Zimbabwe with educational scholarships, food and clothing.
  • To promote and raise awareness on the prevention of HIV and life saving medicines.
  • To promote a healthy diet.
  • To empower young people to become self-reliant and self sufficient through provision of income-generating skills.
  • To source anti-retroviral drugs to tested and recommended AIDS victims.
  • To promote the use of faith and culture in the strengthening of family and community care of orphans and vulnerable children hand in hand with the local religious and cultural leaders
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  • Carry out any other activities in line with the objectives and aims enunciated above.
  • To decrease incidences of child exploitation (e.g. labour, sexual abuse and forced marriages)
  • To help maintain school attendance and increase enrollment for primary school children in rural schools in Zimbabwe.
  • To provide shelter as an when necessary especially to the child headed family.
  • To educate and care, for O.V.C’s so as to enable them improve their lives in future.
  • To offer career guidance and counselling  of  O.V.C’s so as to build a good cultural and moral behaviors in the society when they grow up.
  • To protect and prevent O.V.C’s from all forms of child labour and child abuse.
  • To rescue and empower a girl-child from early marriages sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • To provide parental care through community care givers and build a good childhood foundation.
  • To mobilize, sensitize and educate the community about the dangers of HIV / AIDS child labour and sexual abuse.
  • We encourage freedom of worship, expression and practice of cultural beliefs to the O.V.C’s.


Operating Philosophy & Guiding Principles
Mwana Trust project uses a holistic, human-rights community-based approach to alleviating poverty with specific attention to the use of ethical means. It believes whole-heartedly and incorporates the following principles into our daily operations: