Science Prize

Marek Minta

Inspired by the efforts of Mr. Henry Chitsenga in promoting numeracy in Zimbabwe, Marek Minta has offered an award for achievement in Science. The award shall be called “Rozvi Award for Academic Achievement in Science”.

Marek Minta is a Director of Applications Engineering Team at AuthenTec, Inc. – a high tech company in the United States of America, specializing in production of fingerprint reader integrated circuits. Marek leads a team of multi-talented software and electronic hardware engineers who help our customers integrate our fingerprint reader chips into a variety of high-tech consumer electronics products like mobile smart phones, cameras, game consoles, and personal computers.

Marek Minta was born and raised in Poland and educated as an Electrical Engineer in Poznan Polytechnic University. Growing up in the communist Poland, young people like him, had access to excellent educational opportunities. However due to the economic and political realities, our advanced education often was not mirrored by the industry opportunities which would allow applying of our knowledge. Marek and his colleagues often dreamed of access to advanced technologies available elsewhere, they idolised advanced institutes for the availability of tangible instrumentation and equipment which would bring to reality the concepts they learned and conceived.

In his email to Henry Chitsenga Marek wrote,

Every person is born with talents for something. Education offers opportunities to enhance personal talents. Hard work and perseverance is what actually enhances the talents. Young person’s personal vision is a strong motivator for success. Yes, it is sweet to receive encouragement and recognition for hard work. But ultimately – the personal success – in the form of reaping fruits of one’s hard work and honed skills is the sweetest reward. Science enables us to contribute to well being of humanity in all of its dimensions. Some scientists bring cures to ailments… Some find ways to increase food and comfort… Some discover, invent and construct solutions which help communities and thus make our lives better. I wish you all, who engage in Science, tremendous satisfaction which comes from knowledge. I wish you, who believe in Science, that it will bring you skills supported by your talents to contribute to humanity in ways local and global

With all my heart,

Marek Minta


Leadership Award

“Principles of Leadership, Influencing Life Award” sponsored by Tshombe Sekou & Dedre Harris, October 11 2010, Yokosuka, Japan.

On October 11, 2010, Tshombe Sekou, a poet/essayist/activist from Yokosuka, Japan by way of Houston, Texas, announced the creation of the Tshombe & Dedre scholarship prize for outstanding achievement in displaying the necessary fibres of leadership: moral courage, inspirational influence, and not the least of all compassion. This annual prize is established for students of Chitakatira School located in Zimbabwe near the border of Mozambique in southern Africa in an effort to influence a future of greatness.

Principles of the Award: It is our wish that the youth of African be encouraged to display the moral courage of leadership, be well cultivated in the spirit of positive influence; and the compassion of goodwill towards their families, community, and peers so to influence others to follow suit. It is the concept that matters most; the title of this award reflects the spirit of such leadership that shall exist long after the fleeting moments of youthfulness.

Leadership begins in the kneading age, and matures as it passes through the circumstances of time. If we introduce high moral ingredients at a young age, since mediocrity will wait patiently to sink its teeth into their adolescence; we will have better success at seeing a more prosperous future for Zimbabwe, much greater, Africa.

Tshombe and his wife Dedre are committing cash prizes to the three students who demonstrate such character (1st place $50.00, 2nd place $30.00 and 3rd place $20.00). In addition, an award of $50.00 will be given to the winner of a 500 word essay/writing contest: Leading Change by Influence. Winner and runner up essays will be featured on Tshombe’s website at

“Power is but an idea exerted; influence a force beyond the grasp of power, for it spreads wide and far. If I can influence a world of good, what powers need I over any person or thing?” —Tshombe Sekou. The winners will be announced in December 2010, and recurring annually for a better Africa. Find the love in all things, influence the world a better place. Tshombe &


Promise Prize in English

We award a prize to students who show promise in the use of the English language. Our 2010 English prize winner was:

Muzamwese Brighton

Chitakatira High School, Form 1L (8th Grade, Year 8)

“Africa – Leading the 21st Century”

Once looked down upon
By other continents
It’s Africa’s turn
To lead in the 21st century

In the past, Africa was not
Regarded as a leader
But the unexpected happened
Bit by bit, this continent has developed

In 2010, The World Cup was held in an African country
A time of firsts
A time of prosperity
Africa is developing its mining industries
Game parks are filled with wild life
Land for agriculture is abound with
Resources that bring wealth home

To all continents, save Africa
Do not worry, maybe you will lead
In the 22nd century
But today, it’s our time!

From the breath-taking sites of
The Kariba Dam and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
The Nile River in Egypt
There are many interesting sites
Which promote tourism and
Allow us to lead

Africa, be reminded that
“Great oaks from little acorns grow”*
Do not forget where you were yesterday
For it will tell you where you will be tomorrow

We shall continue to lead.

*Latin proverb