Primary School Awards

“Promoting reading, donating books, opening worlds”

Sub-Saharan Children’s Hope Trust and Mwana Trust co-founded by Henry Chitsenga and registered in Zimbabwe and UK  are looking after HIV/AIDS orphans collecting textbooks, novels, medical resources, educational and medical equipment to be donated to Zimbabwean schools and clinics. The two trusts also monitor  projects like the “Prize For Outstanding performance In Maths” sponsored by Henry Chitsenga, “Promise Prize in English” sponsored by Tantra Zawadi, “The Rozvi Award for Academic Achievement in Science”  sponsored by Marek Minta, “The Innovation Prize” sponsored by Steophanie Griffin, “The Principles of Leadership, Influencing Life Award” sponsored by Tshombe Sekou ” and “The Science Prize” sponsored by Lewis Faulkner, building a two classroom block at Sabvure Primary School-Nyanga-Zimbabwe and drilling two boreholes at two rural schools in Zimbabwe.

In addition, individual embassies often give out boxes of books with publications from and about their home countries.