Community Participation



Poultry Project: This project was made possible to help sister Rumbidzai to meet her medical bills.




100_8430 Carlos, Rumbidzai and Clayton


Carlos, Rumbidzai and Clayton[/caption] Child headed family : Mwana Trust built this home for these children. Both parents and grannies are late due to the pandemic HIV/AIDS leaving the eldest Rumbidzai nine years to look after her brothers.




Mwana Trust built this Kitchen to feed the children at Mt. Dangare primary school as a porridge club. This has increased the attendance and lessen the drop outs due to hunger. Most of the rural children come to school without a meal and when they get home there is no lunch. Parents will be busy in the fields or running around looking for the next meal.




Clifford Ngondonga is one of our beneficiaries who benefited with the walking aid. The boy can now walk




Anesu Chipaumire has benefited with a wheel chair donated by Mwana Trust.




Through our partners we sourced taboons for our caregivers and the community.


Ensuring Health and Well being

We work with the young people in Zimbabwe to raise awarenesses of threats to their health and well being. We deliver specific projects:

  • To promote and raise awareness on the prevention of HIV and life saving medicines.
  • To source antiretroviral drugs to tested and recommended AIDS victims.
  • To decrease incidences of child exploitation (e.g. labour, sexual abuse and forced marriages)
  • To offer food and clothing provision