Secondary School Awards

Promise Prize in English

We award a prize to students who show promise in the use of the English language. Our 2010 English prize winner was:

Muzamwese Brighton

Chitakatira High School, Form 1L (8th Grade, Year 8)

“Africa – Leading the 21st Century”

Once looked down upon
By other continents
It’s Africa’s turn
To lead in the 21st century

In the past, Africa was not
Regarded as a leader
But the unexpected happened
Bit by bit, this continent has developed

In 2010, The World Cup was held in an African country
A time of firsts
A time of prosperity
Africa is developing its mining industries
Game parks are filled with wild life
Land for agriculture is abound with
Resources that bring wealth home

To all continents, save Africa
Do not worry, maybe you will lead
In the 22nd century
But today, it’s our time!

From the breath-taking sites of
The Kariba Dam and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
The Nile River in Egypt
There are many interesting sites
Which promote tourism and
Allow us to lead

Africa, be reminded that
“Great oaks from little acorns grow”*
Do not forget where you were yesterday
For it will tell you where you will be tomorrow

We shall continue to lead.

*Latin proverb