Dangare Primary School


Mt. Dangare benefited with the donation of 2×5000 litre water tanks. They are able to do agricultural lessons. The orphans are also benefiting by having fresh relish in season to supplement at home. The bore hole was elecritified with a three horse power pump.

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We visited our beneficiaries this first term 2015 and we were delighted to see them happy and back in school. Without Mwana Trust these children would have not been in school due to HIV and AIDS pandemic. Most of these children are staying with their grand parents. Parents are decesead or they are on their dying beds. (home based). 



DangareMT Dangare Primary School
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Dear Friends,

We are glad to be associated with MWANA Trust and we have been benefiting a lot from them since they started facilitating projects at the school. Most of all we now have an operating computer room which has since been allocated a qualified teacher. This was solely facilitated by the computers you donated to the school. Now we anticipate our children to communicate with you through your website as we also hope to launch ours soon.

Through your various projects at the school we now boast of a kitchen which is one of its kinds in the cluster. We now sincerely hope that it can now be put into use as the school is facing some serious challenges in running it. However if MWANA can still help by providing us with food or any other material needed for the kitchen to run, we will be very grateful.

Mwana Trust is also involved with our project in the garden as it provides for parents who come to help with the heavy manuals in the garden. It is also involved in the purchasing of seedlings and encourages children to work hard in this income generating project. Income from these projects will be ploughed back to the development of the school.

I hope the project will be intensified since we are about to get an agriculture teacher.

We salute Mwana Trust for fulfilling the dreams of some orphans at our school. Your payments towards their school levies have done the school a lot of good. However, there is need for improvement on payments of school fees. Early payments will not disadvantage pupils and the school.

We also thank the Organisation for providing jerseys and balls towards sport. The orphans were also provided with Mealie-meal and some with uniforms and clothes. These gifts have gone a long way sheltering the pupils and we hope you will continue with your support. The statistics of orphans at Mt Dangare is shocking as revealed by the figures below

Orphans statistics January 1, 2010
Single orphans Double orphans
Grade Boys Girls Boys Girls Total
1 8 7 15
2 7 1 4 12
3 8 6 2 4 20
4 13 13 2 2 30
5 9 8 4 1 22
6 4 7 3 3 17
7 7 7 5 1 20
G/Total 56 49 16 15 136

We sincerely hope you will continue to give your ever helping hand to our school and community. Your generosity has really gone a long way to raise our school flag high.

God bless MWANA Trust

Mrs Elizabeth Much