Our goal

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Our goal

Advancing equal access, equity and progress to vulnerable boys, girls and women through innovative, safe and diverse quality interventions that empower and influence social change.


  • Integrate education, child stimulation, nutrition and health interventions for a holistic child development approach that ensures quality, equity and access for better health and educational outcomes.
  • Protecting children in all our interventions including life changing events for the realization of their rights.
  • To contribute to improved health outcomes and lifestyle for children in need of care through proactive engagement
  • Build the capacities of vulnerable rural families with poverty reduction strategies that enhance social protection, resilience and adaptation
  • Promote women’s skills development and their right to decision making for social, physical, economic and psychological transformation.


  • Child Development (Early Childhood Development (Child Stimulation and Nutrition), Health, Education)
  • Child Protection
  • Women Empowerment
  • Sustainable Livelihoods


  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Community Partnerships
  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Data –Informed Decisions
  • Professional Learning
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