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380x300Mwana Trust is a charitable organization in Manicaland Province in eastern Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is among the hardest hit countries in the world from HIV/AIDS. By age 15, almost one third of Zimbabwe children are orphaned. The vision of Mwana Trust is to have a community where orphans and vulnerable children are integrated in the existing community structures and supported with the basic necessities of life.

Through Mwana Trust, orphan children receive school fees, food, friendship, and support. They and their families learn how to care for HIV-infected family members and how to protect themselves. They learn how to grow food and provide for themselves in positive ways. Mwana Trust also trains and coordinates a large group of volunteer caregivers who help in the community. They also provide support, education, and food to HIV-infected mothers.

Through funding from WWE, Mwana Trust has been able to purchase tables, chairs, and desks for Munyarari Primary to encourage learning. WWE also provided funds for a large school water tank to make clean water available for drinking, washing, and farming. Children now learn gardening skills at the school and eat the food they grow.

You can help by sponsoring a child through Mwana Trust. For $100, you can provide school fees for one year, a uniform, and basic school supplies. You can also donate money to help with medical costs for children who are sick or nutritious meals for children who go some days without food. Donations should be made to WWE, with a notation “Zimbabwe” or “Mwana Trust.”

For more information, you may contact Denise Hallfors at Hallfors@pire.org.